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ZHROTO was founded in 2015 and moved to Jiangyan District, Taizhou City in December 2021. We are engaged in rotomolding mold development and manufacturing, with rich experience in the production of plastic products. Our team has participated in the technical development and production of various major projects, Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and, Shanghai World Expo in 2010.
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Rotomolding Moulds & Plastic Products
ZHROTO offers bespoke rotomolding moulds and machining, rotomolding design, development of moulds, machining and assembly, packaging, and logistics!
One-Stop Rotomolding Customization Service
  • Professional Mold Supplier
    Our processing technology is highly sophisticated, with a complete production line that encompasses mold design, CNC machining, assembly, and rotomolding. We also provide integrated services from mold manufacturing to the production of plastic products.
  • Reliable Mold-making Capability
    Possessing the capability to perform parametric modeling, analysis, and optimization of rotational molding tools using three-dimensional software, and to carry out precision machining through high-speed five-axis gantry machining centers, providing integrated services from design to manufacturing.
  • Complete Process of Strict Quality Control
    We strictly control a series of rigorous inspections, including the procurement and inspection of steel materials, standardization inspection of parts, material process inspection, and finished mold inspection, to ensure the precision manufacturing quality of the molds.
  • High-Quality Mold Delivery
  • Rapid Delivery Response Time
  • Professional Engineering Design Drawings
Custom Mold Manufacturing
In a highly competitive market, cost, quality, and delivery time are particularly important. Our rotomolding technology and service team will guide you through the entire rotomolding process, from the design phase to production and delivery.
From Mold to Plastic Products
Zhuohe's technical team is proficient in the processing and manufacturing experience and technology of rotomolded engineering vehicle fuel tanks and water tanks, clean and environmentally friendly equipment water tanks, amusement equipment, toys, furniture, kayaks, buoys and float bodies, traffic facilities, agricultural machinery accessories, cold chain insulation boxes, and medical components.
  • Cold chain insulation
  • Gardening plant pots
  • Creative home furnishings
  • Construction machinery
  • Agricultural Supplies
  • Amusement equipment
  • Kayak
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