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Rotational mold manufacturing

Our new factory covers an area of over 12,000 square meters, equipped with 10 CNC machining centers, including one high-speed five-axis gantry machining center, one 4-meter rotomolding machine, two 3.5-meter rotomolding machines, and three 3-meter rotomolding machines. The annual production capacity of molds exceeds 400 sets, and the annual production capacity of rotomolded plastic products exceeds 1,500 tons.

Customized Rotomolding Mold Steps

We have strict inspection processes and time controls for the procurement of high-strength aluminum alloys, standardization of parts, dimensional accuracy, machining process control, raw material hardness, and material flow inspection.

We possess 10 advanced CNC machining centers, including a high-speed five-axis gantry machining center, which are used for rough machining, semi-finishing, and finishing operations on molds. Our technical staff efficiently and accurately complete the overall manufacturing of rotomolding molds, meeting various precision and quality requirements of the molds, and enhancing the processing efficiency and flexibility of the molds.

We strictly follow customer requirements, align and assemble the CNC-machined core and frame, perform professional mechanical polishing, and create a textured pattern with uniform depth and distribution, ensuring that the plastic products manufactured by the molds meet customer needs.

Install the mold and align it for adjustment. Based on the issues found during the trial molding, make corresponding adjustments and optimizations to the mold. Produce a batch of trial products on the optimized mold, conduct inspections and tests to confirm that all product specifications meet the standards.

Mold packaging:
-Protect the mold surface
-Pack the mold with special packaging materials
-Pack the mold components separately
Mass production:
-Monitor production data to ensure product quality
-Regularly maintain the mold
-Replenish vulnerable and consumable parts in a timely manner

Complete Rotomolding Solutions
Our People & Equipment Make the Difference

Possessing a complete production line from mold design, CNC machining, assembly to rotational molding, with a comprehensive processing technology. We can provide integrated services from mold manufacturing to plastic products.